LiteBlue manages employee information online for the United States Postal Service. Years ago, the US Postal Service launched the official web portal. Staff management became increasingly challenging as US Post increased its workforce. As a result, USPS introduced the LiteBlue login portal for quick access to information.


USPS’ employee online site is designed to provide online services to employees, especially payroll information, Postalease, and the ability for employees to contact Human Resources if they have questions about employment or salaries. Employees were able to transfer information between each other quickly and easily with the USPS portal.

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However, USPS employees must register online and log in to access the services of this portal. Employees cannot access your account or use the services of this portal without registering.

LiteBlue Login Steps

The LiteBlue Login process is very straightforward. We only offer this service to members who reside in the United States of America. Any unauthorized personnel who attempt to gain access to the system will be held accountable. The process is simple for eligible members. You can get through it by following these instructions:


  • The first step to logging into the Portal is to log onto www.Liteblue.USPS.gov.
  • You will notice that there is some information regarding the use of the portal on the site once you reach it. There is a section for logging in right below the description.
  • Your USPS password and Employee ID will be required to be entered in the two Cblanks.
  • Your Employee ID is a unique identification number you will also find on your salary script or identification card.
  • You will have been given a password by the person in charge of your team, and that password will be the USPS confidential entry code. It is advisable to enter the most recent password if your password has been changed.
  • You can enter your credentials into the blanks and then select the “Log On” tab. You could retrieve your account if you forgot your password by selecting the appropriate option there and following the instructions.
  • Lastly, you will be able to access all the resources and information related to the services through your account.

Assure that you have an account with the USPS command and that you are an active member. You may be held liable for consequences if you attempt to enter the system without being authorized. Administrative action or prosecution may be taken against unauthorized personnel.

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