USPS Liteblue employees have access to PostalEASE, a payment platform with enhanced security. Through the LiteBlue Postal Ease app, employees of USPS can access service allocations that are liquidated. Employees can also remit payments electronically and access payments conveniently via Postalease.


LiteBlue PostalEASE

With PostalEASE, employees can perform different transactions under one online platform instead of opening several accounts. Under the PostalEASE account, you can quickly access deposit facilities, paycheck access, and savings plans.

Additionally, PostalEASE has a tab on its website with FEHB information that employees can access. Health benefits for federal employees give them access to a health service plan that allows them to get medical care quickly.

USPS employees can make direct deposit and Thrift savings plan transactions (TSP) through PostalEASE. PostalEASE enables employees to conduct thrift savings plan transactions in a faster and easier manner. Federal employees are the only ones eligible for a thrift plan. It gives employees the ability to invest in different investments with no risk of losing their money.


PostalEASE Login Process

  • Visit the USPS homepage first in order to sign in securely at the PostalEASE Liteblue USPS Gov website.
  • The terms and conditions will have to be agreed upon after viewing the official web portal.
  • The USPS employee information, including your password, is requested once you are allowed into the site.
  • PostalEASE requires the user to sign in with their employees’ ID and password and submits the information to be logged in.
  • According to the article, PostalEASE is an online telephone-based service used by the USPS to facilitate direct access to transactions with only one account at a time.

The PostalEASE system is a convenient and secure way to assign allotments to employees. It helps to change your day-to-day allotments. If you face any issues while accessing the said portal, feel free to reach out to the customer support team.